About Us

During over forty years of marriage we have both enjoyed traveling, during the early years in the UK and later abroad. Between us we have visited (in no particular order) France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Litchenstien, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Republic of Ireland, Denmark, Poland, Ukraine, Egypt, Jordan, The Gambia, Canada and Greece.

The end of May 2011 saw both Sue and me retired at a young enough age to do something with the time we have left. We have decided to travel - if finances allowed it would be world wide and first class, but they will not, so it will be a caravan and mainland Europe with (if those pesky finances permit) an occasional “cattle class” flight to somewhere we have always wanted to see.

Unfortunatly Sue being enticed back to work scuppered the last year but we are looking forward to continuing when she is free again on 25th July

Sue has always wanted to visit New Zealand and having received an invitation to visit Sue's American friend Joan, who lived on South Island. We were planning to take up that invite and also visit Australia in late 2013 and/or early 2014 but, unfortunately, a family bereavement has necessitated Joan returning to America for at least a year.

The coming winter will not now see us swimming with the fishes on the Great Barrier Reef but back in Spain and Portugal eating fishes instead and although there is plenty of time to change our minds in the spring we plan to explore Scandinavia.

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