Site 47, 49 & 65 - Little Henham C&CC Cert. Site

We have been staying at Little Henham for a whole year even if we have had to move off for a short while every twenty eight days in order to conform to the Caravan and Camping Club rules and regs. Fortunatly it has blended almost perfectly with our program so on only one or two occations have we been forced to move in order to comply with those rules.

That last paragraph reads as if Mrs Kate Muskett who owns and runs the site is a strict disciplinarian slavishly following the rules and regs, not a bit of it, she is a most pleasant and genial host for whom nothing is to much trouble.

The site is in the corner of a hay field on a 200 odd acre arable farm with delightful views southwards across the Essex countryside, The facilities are basic, being just drinking water, sanitation disposal point and dustbin area. Perhaps considered by many nowadays to be inadequate but we like sites like this: we have, after all, a perfectly good toilet, shower etc., etc., in the caravan.

Although seemingly miles from anywhere it is actually just a short(ish) walk through the woods to the Fleur-De-Lys, a gloriously old fashioned pub with good beer, good food and friendly staff, but be sure to book as it is deservedly popular. Outside the pub is also where the bus stop is, where you can get the bus (one per hour each way) to Bishops Stortford or Saffron Walden both interesting places to visit.

Stansted airport control tower can be seen across the fields just a couple of miles south but the planes generally tended to take of "away" from us and so we rarely got disturbed by them in fact the M11 - just two fields away - is probably noisier but again we were never disturbed by it, in fact the wildlife has disturbed us more. From on and around our pitch we have seen a wide variety of wildlife from hares to buzzards, herons to muntjac deer, jays to badgers, foxes to little owls, pheasants to fallow deer. Although the muntjac deer can be quite noisy at times the prize for disturbance must go to the fallow deer stags during the rutting season which starts in late September and peaks in mid October. There is a herd that lives in the adjacent wood and during the rut spreads over the field each evening the doe's munching at the grass while the stags bark, threaten and fight half the night.

The area is full of interesting places to visit so if your stay is a weekend, a week or longer there are plenty of places for you to visit from Audley End, for those who enjoy historic buildings etc to Freeport Braintree for those who prefer a bit of retail therapy.

Be careful to follow Mrs M's directions when you first visit, there are several ways you can approach the site, one very easy, the others less easy, possible to confident towers but likely to cause considerable consternation in those of a nervous disposition.

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