Site 48 - York Rowntree Park CC Site


 This site, run by the Caravan Club, is situated just a short walk from York city centre and is perfect for visiting it’s many and varied delights.

There are some 102 pitches on around 4 acres, there are two sections to the site one (said to be temporary) where we stayed holds around 20% of the pitches and seemed to me to be more open and less congested than the main area which gave the appearance of being a bit of a concrete jungle as all pitches are hardstanding (so bring suitable pegs if you plan to use an awning) and although I didn’t closely examine the main area I didn’t get the impression of green spaces and leafy trees although they may be there.

As with all Caravan Club sites we have visited the toilets and showers were first class and kept in sparkling condition by the helpful and hardworking site staff. My only complaint about the facilities is that they were so crowded in the morning that we resorted to using our own loo during that period and showering in the afternoon when there was less demand.

This site is extremely popular and booking, particularly in high season, is, I would think,  essential. Care should be taken not to arrive early as the final approach is down a single track road which can be awkward if leavers are departing as you arrive, oh yes! and do follow the final directions carefully to avoid the city centre, low bridges, etc., etc., however don’t let the perceived difficulties put you off, York should be on everyones bucket list and for a caravanner visiting York this site is the place to be. Click on the Caravan Club logo above to go to their York Rowntree Park site page.

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