Site 52 & 61 - Wood View CS, Penrith.

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Wood View Certified Site is located just two minutes from the M6 junction 42 and so must be one of the easiest ever sites to find, it is, however, rather small at just a third of an acre, triangle shaped  with an entrance gate through a thick conifer hedge, this thick hedge is slowly restricting the width of the gate and coupled with a rather narrow approach road makes entry a trifle difficult for the longer outfits, I would think ours at 12m (nearly 40 feet) is as long as you would want to bring into this compact and bijou site.

The unisex toilets and shower are kept clean and supplied with all the necessaries. We found that 2 x 20p coins gave a sufficient time for a shower for me and just one 20p was needed for Sue - obviously far less surface area to keep clean.

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A busy road runs past the site, which could be disturbing, another van that had booked for several nights decided that it was too noisy and moved on after just one. Although aware of it we did not find it excessively intrusive.

Wood View is ideal as a transit site when running up or down the M6 but it’s position on the western edge of the Lake District means there is plenty to do on a longer stay.

Compact and bijou but perfectly formed, this site costs just £12.00 per night for a unit, two people and electricity.

We will return.

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