Site 70 - Moulins de la Vergne


This site run by a Dutch couple was, frankly, a bit of a shock. We arrived mid afternoon and followed the signs to the reception where we were greeted by the owner in a very friendly manner booked in and told we needed to turn around go back up the lane and turn left to the camping ground. The area we were told to turn around in was large enough but appeared very run down and dilapidated with three grotty old caravans at one end and a crashed car next to the reception. After turning round we left the car and walked around the camping field it too looked unkempt, uncared for and the autumn leaves lay thick and rotting on the ground. First impressions were not good. Second impressions were worse, it was an awful long way to the facilities - particularly for Dicky if she wanted to pay a visit during the night (Fiona has the same flaw as Peggy in that guests cannot access the loo at night).


Fortunately third impressions were a little better. The toilets and showers although old were freshly decorated and clean, there were loo seats and loo roll but no soap or hand drying facilities.


Access to a large pitch was easily achieved but wether it would be as easy in the summer is another question. There was power and water available to each pitch. There is a swimming pool but we did not get close enough to make any comments.

At 6:60 we wandered down to the bar, having found a shortcut through a hedge that considerably shortened the trek to the facilities, bar and restaurant. The barman would not book us a table saying we had to book through reception - strange as he was the only person in the place all night being barman, waiter, cook and I suspect bottle washer. Still the meal was tasty, plentiful and cost €19.95 for the three course meals and €16.95 for the two course meal. A litre of house red and a beer set us back a further €9.15. Good value all round


The site has WiFi which is normally charged at €3 per 24 hours (which can be turned on and off so a 24 hour could last all week) but when he realised we had two computers the chap gave us two passwords and still only charged us €3.00.

Although the site looked a little depressing we think it would be bright and welcoming in the summer.

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