Site 73 - Camping Internacional Aranjuez Cat.1


We were quite pleased when we arrived here. The site seemed spacious and well laid out. There were three toilet/shower blocks all open, a restaurant and bar - open, a shop - open.

going slowly round the site we found a reasonably large pitch and backed into it quite easily without use of the motor-mover and set up.

We had no food with us on arrival so went to the restaurant to eat. At 7:00pm, far too early for the Spanish, we were on our own with the waiters full attention. There was a good choice of food on the menu as well as a Menu del Dia option at €13.95 wine included but we elected to eat A la Carte and for three including all drinks the bill was a very reasonable €60.00 or €20.00 (£15.11) per head. The food was good and plentiful.

The supermarket

There are a number of static vans on the site and being a weekend lots of Spanish weekenders ready to party, with the bar open till midnight, we expected to be kept awake till the early, or not so early, hours but by not long after ten the site was reasonably quiet. Midweek it is very peaceful.

The two road trains are on the site at night and when they leave each morning the campers can hitch a free ride into town, I think you are then supposed to buy a ticket and do the train tour but we didn’t quite get round to it.

At this time of year the shop is open daily from 9.00am until 1.00 and stock is fairly low but it does stock bottled gas both the Repsol 6Kg bottle that we bought last time we were in Spain and Camping Gaz bottles.

The laundry has just one washing machine and one dryer using tokens available from the reception at €4.00 per wash and €3.00 per dry token.

The facilities

The facilities are cleaned twice daily and are reasonably modern and there are seats, paper and soap in the toilets although no hand drying facilities while in the showers there is plenty of piping hot water although the mixer taps are a trifle difficult to get right so unless care is taken it can be scalding hot or freezing cold.

Both the receptionists we met spoke good English and were keen to help in any way they could and when the shop is shut they have access to the gas lockers (Repsol Caravan gas and all sizes of Camping Gaz stocked) and sell bread.

The WiFi although not cheap (it’s not the most expensive either) is very fast. I managed to reload my entire web site in minutes having mucked it up using WiFi from another site which had taken several hours to downloads changes only and then damaged the data taking the site off line.

We enjoyed staying at this site and hope, some day, to return.

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