Site 80 - Quinta do Xocolatl - Chocolate Farm

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The site we are on is quite different from those we normally use in Europe. It has about a dozen pitches, half on a lower slightly boggy area and half a little higher on a level with the owners house. Each pitch has an electric hook up and we are told the hook-ups are arranged in pairs with each pair rated at 16 amps.

There are two toilets and one shower here, the shower and one of the toilets are in a building adjoining the house patio in what is quite obviously a guest bedroom (the bed is still in it) and the other toilet is just inside the main building, but part of the patio area - does that make sense? Oh well, it would if you saw it.

There is a fresh water tap and a sewage emptying point. The toilets and shower are kept clean and have all the necessaries except hand drying facilities. A washing machine and tumble dryer are operated on an honesty box basis, €3 per wash and €3 per dry.

In the centre of the site is a shed known as “The Internet Cafe” it contains table, chairs, etc., and free Wi-Fi. The connection is rather slow but is more than enough for emails and the like, and we are told that two local cafes have good, fast free connection if you need to do some big up or down loading as well as first rate home grown lamb in one and top chicken and fish in the other.

The site is rather isolated but around 10km east is Ohalo while around the same distance west is Taviara both have a range of supermarkets shops and markets. There is a closer town, Fuzeta, that has a reasonable supermarket, fish market, shops, bars and restaurants.

Other than us and a Belgian couple all the visitors to the site are currently Dutch which, from chatting to people on the site, is the norm.  Most of the pitches are occupied by people overwintering.

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