Site 82 - Camping Alentejo.


This site is not in the ACSI book but is listed on their “Eurocampings” web site here 

Camping Alentejo must rank as one of, if not the, best sites we have stayed on in Portugal. The entrance is wide and easy to access, even long units can comfortably turn in from either direction. If coming from the direction of Evora you see the site on the right as you approach and go past the site before reaching the entrance one field further on, more confusing still when we arrived the gates were firmly shut and a huge bull and all his wives and offspring were chomping the grass behind the gate.

As we stood looking at these giant beasts the site owner rode up on his electric scooter and making sure there were no escapees briefly opened the gates allowing us through, at the other end of the field another chap opened a second gate to allow us access to the camping site. Beef cattle in this area are allowed on the pastures for just a couple of hours per day with strict pasture rotation to conserve the fragile grass, the remainder of the time they are indoors. As I write this we have been on the site a week and have not seen the animals in that field again.

IMG 1724

The site is split into two distinct parts, the lower and the upper terrace. On the lower terrace are large easy to access pitches, two giant motorhomes that appear to have spent the winter here are easily accomodated, and on the upper terrace are slightly smaller pitches but with stunning views. Some pitches are shaded with trees and bushes and some are open and sunny. There is quite a slope up to the upper terrace but this is no problem to a balanced outfit.

There is no shop on site but you can order bread and rolls the day before needed and you can also purchase local wine.

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The facilities, built in the very recent past, are all modern, they are kept spotlessly clean and have loo seats, paper, soap, towels etc. There is a washing machine operated on an honesty box system at €3 per load.

Half way between the upper and lower terraces is a swimming pool which is in use. On the upper terrace is an internet antenna that covers that terrace brilliantly but is usable from below only if you have an amplifier, the Dutch site owner says he intends to get another antenna to cover the lower terrace when he can get a round tuit.

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The internet on the upper terrace is very good indeed. We used it to stream UK TV and films during our stay without buffering problems.

Many of the campers here stay one or two nights as it on or near to the main north/south and east/west routes, we had intended a maximum of one week here but there is so much to see and do locally, although your own transport is essential, that we stayed two weeks. 

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