Getting ready for the off!

Well - Sue retires again this week (25th July 2013) so next week we plan to get back on the road after staying at Little Henham Hall Farm site for a year and five days.

The first few days will be  a bit of a pain as we have to travel first north to Lancashire, then east to Halifax, south to Stratford upon Avon before returning north via Penrith in Cumbria to Edinburgh, Scotland. That will be best part of 1250km towing and if we add the distance to the various meetings etc., that we must attend it will add up to a total distance of well over 1600km in the first few days, far more than our usual schedule of 200 caravan towing kilometers per day and one caravan moving day per week.

One of the biggest problems with staying in one place for so long is that kit left alone breeds, cupboards that were empty are now full. The one car, last july, became two although the second one goes to new owners on saturday, it to has been used as a depository for essntial but unused kit, the gas bottles increased from the standard two to five, they have now been reduced to three, the third being a tiny Camping Gaz bottle which we intend to keep for emergency use as it is the only bottle that can be exchanged full for empty, virtually anywhere in mainland Europe. We are going through every cupboard to extract those extra items wecan't do without when stationary but which become superfluous when constantly on the move.

During our previous travels we could get up on the day of a caravan move, have breakfast and be away in between an hour and an hour and a half - we are allowing four days to get ready to move this time. To be fair a lot of kit will be going back to the lock-up, which is why we have to go north to off load before we can come back southwards to have the caravan chassis inspected. Fortunately the car has extensive load carrying capacity and will take most of the excess kit so we will not be forced to overload the caravan.

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