Site 53 - Edinburgh Caravan Club Site.

Entrance to Edinburgh Caravan Club Site

The Edinburgh Caravan Club Site is a bit of a curates egg (good in parts) the pitches are spacious and well laid out the staff mainly friendly but the facilities when the site is full, as it invariably is when the Tattoo and Fringe are on, are woefully inadequate. If you wanted a "big job" in the morning you had to join the que and the que for showers was often seven chaps long (did't use the ladies so can't comment on those) and when you did get into the shower the fixed shower heads were angled so close to the water you had to press yourself up against the wall to get wet, being very careful of the scalding hot pipe that ran down the wall, and the further your shower was from the heater the lower the pressure of water. They were though kept scrupulously clean.

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During the Fringe/Tattoo there is a bus service from the site to and from the city, our only experience of this was not good and from comments made by the wardens that particular company will not gat the contract next year. There is a bus service from about 10 minutes walk from the site (we think we went the wrong way as it took us best part of a half hour) with weekday busses running every 10 minutes or so (half hour on Sundays).

The site is well placed for a visit to the city but we found that with the four of us taxis worked out at between £12 and £15 (against £6 for the bus) and for the convenience well worth the extra.

Sadly there is a (very) strict "no pitch reservations" policy within Caravan Club. our friends had arrived less than an hour before us but were not allowed to pay our bill and select two adjacent pitches. I can understand it if we were taking weeks or days but less than an hour would that really cause the earth to shift on it's axis?

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