Site 74 - Kiko Park Rural.


This site is certainly “rural”, the nearest village is 3km away and I noticed only one other habitation between the village and the park. The road is also quite steep in places, fine as you arrive ‘cos it’s all down hill. When we left I made sure the engine was nice and warm before tackling the hill and the car, while making it up without drama was puffing a bit when she got to the top.

IMG 1151

The pitches here are large and bordered by hedges. All are reasonably easily accessed and most are level, well levelish anyway.

The facilities were clean and bright with all that you may expect, seats, paper, soap but no drying facilities. There was even an electric radiator in both ladies and mens to take the chill off. The only complaint that could be made was that the lights have timers so if you are not quick in doing what you go in for, you will be plunged into darkness half-way through.

IMG 1152

The reception was open from around 9.00am until late evening and the bar/restaurant seemed to keep the same hours. If the large size of the restaurant is an indicator we must assume it is popular and busy during the summer.

Having no supplies and with the nearest supermarket (15 km away) closed we elected to eat in the restaurant. It was a good choice. There was no “A La Carte” menu just a “Menu del Dia” and this had a choice of two starters, two mains and two puds. The food was very good and together with a bottle of local wine, a bottle of beer brewed in the sites micro brewery and a bottle of mineral water the bill amounted to €44.00, just €14.60 (£12.22) per head.

There was a laundry although we did not use it, and in the summer a swimming pool is available.

This is a site that we would like to return to, perhaps when the weather is a little warmer.

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