Site 54 & 63 - Yellowcraig Caravan Club Site


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Yellowcraig is a site we have visited once before in 2009, it is somewhat off the beaten track but near a stunning beach. It has just one toilet block to serve its 78 grass and 38 hardstanding pitches but unlike the other Caravan Club sites we have visited this year we have not so far had to queue for either the toilets or showers. We hav'nt stayed at a Caravan Club site (lots of CL's) since and it seems to us that the shower/toilet cleaning is earlier in the day than it was, although the staff deny this,

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The site is split into small areas so that the site feels much smaller and more intimate than with one large area, unfortunately the many small roads encourage children on bikes to race around the little roads and during the few days we have spent here I have witnessed several near misses where kids on bikes have cycled out of side turnings whithout care or even bothering to look.

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