What! a new web site?

Unfortunatly yes, had a disaster with the computer - it stopped working, so we took it in to the Mac Shop. When the engineer opened it up he discovered that it had, at some time in the recent past, been swimming and what does water and electricity make? You guessed it - Green Gunge!! OOP's.

The computer was very sick indeed, and needed transplants of virtually every vital organ. A quote put the cost at around £850, almost that of a brand new replacement, so, a replacement it was.

It seemed good idea, particularly as the hard drive was the one undammaged organ and so could be transplanted into an external harddrive case and used as an additional drive, it was complete with all my data, when I got it home I realised how many settings etc., are no longer available. So now we start all over again.

A major problem is that the web authoring program I used "iWeb" is no longer available and programs on my original drive not accessible (well not to someone with my I.Q.). How to continue with the site? Well the origional site can no longer be ammended in any way so I've moved it to a new address www.oldsite.opopanawaman.co.uk and will continue producing the blog with Sandvox a programme very similar to iWeb on the original addresses which are:-

www.opopanawaman.co.uk or www.adventureb4dementia.eu or www.euadventures.co.uk please bookmark one of them.

A new site will be up and running soon(er or later) but in the meantime you can reach the old site by clicking here

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