Site 81 - Beja Municipal Site.

This site will never win prizes for it’s beauty, surrounded as it is on three sides by high rise social housing and with the local football stadium on the other side. There is scarce a blade of grass anywhere on the site and the caravans and motor homes look as if they have been sprinkled randomly as there are it seems no set pitches, you just stick yourself where you fancy. There are quite a lot of trees to give shade in the summer but for us they were a bit of a pain as they always seemed to be in just the wrong place to give us the swing we needed. Never mind we set ourselves up in what appeared to me to be the main access road but no-one complained or even looked at us oddly. The staff seemed to spit into two distinct sections, for one section nothing was too much trouble they were very helpful, for the other group everything was too much trouble, interrupting TV watching or internet browsing.

The site was just a short distance from the towns historical centre in one direction and more supermarkets etc., than you could shack a stick at in the other. Many restaurants can be found in either direction, there is even a McD’s around the corner for those with masochistic tendencies.

The entrance is quite narrow and for our 12.6m (41ft 6inches) outfit impossible to turn right and get in but no matter go on past right around the next roundabout and you can easily turn left across the road and entry is then easy.

WiFi is free although unless you have a booster you will need to be near the reception building to access it.

The observant among you will have noticed that I have so far not mentioned the facilities. They are the usual no seat and nothing down the loo unless you have eaten it that you get in many places in Portugal but these had added grime. People wiped their feet not on entering but on leaving. We have a general rule not to use our our facilities and could only cope with three days before we felt we had to move on. As we packed up we noticed an ex-pat couple in the facilities talking animatedly with a member of staff, we drew near to listen. They were telling the chap, who it turns out was the site manager that the facilities were of an unacceptable standard and that people were leaving because of them. Mr Manager said he could not understand what the problem was and would they show him. Banging, head and walls were the three words that came instantly to mind.

We will not return.

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